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Montessori on NPR in Sacramento

Pediatric Neurospychologist and Montessori advocate Steve Hughes joins Bergamo Montessori Schools Head of School Matt Hillis on Sacramento’s Capital Public Radio’s program Insight this Monday, February 25.  More Montessori in the public eye, or ear, as the case may be.

* Update 2/27:  Matt Hillis let me know how the interview came to happen:

Insight is a locally produced NPR show with a broad focus.  I tweeted the host a few times with information about Dr. Hughes and his availability for an interview.

Matt has posted a YouTube slideshow of the interview here.

2013 AMI Refresher Course

AMI 2013 Refresher Logo

The 2013 AMI Refresher Course took place President’s Day weekend in Tampa, Florida.  This event is essentially AMI’s U.S. National Conference, produced by AMI-USA and AMI-EAA.  At the event, AMI trainers at each level (0-3, 3-6, and 6-12) present several days of lectures to teachers, highlighting and extending elements of the AMI training. The weekend also featured keynote speaker Tim Kasser, administrative and parent workshops, and an advocacy training workshop which will be repeated at the March 16 AMS National Conference.

“Montessori program helps dementia” on the local news in Grand Rapids

Thanks to Montessori Madmen for this: Montessori program helps dementia | WZZM13. It’s a 2 minute piece on the local news about a Montessori inspired program for demential patients.  There’s not a lot of Montessori visible in the piece, and the newscaster gets several things wrong, including calling it “Montezorri.”  No materials are seen or mentioned. But two things stand out.  One, she says “uses the Montessori techniques like you might have heard of them.  And two, the pieces of Montessori that come through are giving the patients choice, and the adult fostering independence.  Which are good ideas to have out there.