Montessori on Google News

It turns out that it’s a simple matter to set up a personalized section in Google News on a subject you follow—such as Montessori.  Mostly what you will see is local reports from small digital outlets, showcasing a school in their coverage area.  I’ll be highlighting some as they come by.  Check out how schools are promoting themselves, and how Montessori comes across in the public eye.

This week: The Montessori Children’s House of Franktown on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, a 5 year old AMI school offering Primary and Elementary— Montessori builds foundations for learning.  From the article:

While the Montessori Method has been around for well over a century, there has been a resurgence of interest and growing popularity in the approach to early learning and education created by Dr. Maria Montessori.

It represents a counterpoint to conventionally organized-by-age, taught-as-a-group, factory-styled schooling that was developed in an age of early industrialization.

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