Montessori Model United Nations Part II

Follow-up to my post about Montessori Model United Nations from last week:

Susan Stephenson’s take on the Conference here; video of her Keynote address here.  As seen here, Susan has a book out: The Child in the World.

Also a notice from outside the Montessori world.  Best Delegate is, per their website, “an education company that helps students and teachers worldwide succeed at Model United Nations and beyond,” founded by a pair of MUN veterans from Yale and UCLA.  The post, from a longtime MUN participant with no Montessori experience, gets right to what’s special about Montessori students:

  • they learn how to cooperate and compromise
  • they develop a connected support network
  • they learn from a self-directed environmnent
  • they learn about other cultures and themselves
  • they are young leads with a can-do mentality

Sounds like he’s got us about right, and telling the whole round world.  Go on, read the whole post.  Pretty good press for Montessori ‘seen from the outside.’ (Montessori Model United Nations picked this up on their site as well.)

Finally, from the same site, a post from two years ago by Seton Hall student and Montessori alumnus Camille Moro about her experience.


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