Cycles In Nature: A Montessori Adolescent Event


The Montessori Institute for the Science of Peace, Educateurs Sans Frontières, and the 2013 International Montessori Congress have put together an exciting event to “bring Montessori adolescents into the big picture and celebrate their role in the Montessori world and beyond.”

Montessori schools with adolescent programs are invited to organize participation in an international “Cycles in Nature” event. Students will spend May 30 on their bicycles, reflecting on and documenting the natural world, and  submit writing, images, sound, etc., for a youth statement on the environment to be presented at the 2013 International Congress in Portland, Oregon this summer.

In addition, schools are invited to sponsor adolescents to attend the Congress and take part in keynotes and special events planned for them, including a youth training for Educateurs Sans Frontières, AMI’s global children’s outreach program.

This an exciting opportunity to get our Montessori youth represented at the Congress, and involved in the growing Montessori peace movement.  Get involved and pass it on!

More information:

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