Ten Thousand

ten thousand barSometime last night The Montessori Observer had its ten thousandth view! The site has 263 “likes” on Facebook and 36 followers (click “Follow” up on the left for email updates).

If you like what you see and read here, and you think other people would like it too, if they only knew about it, please like, share, follow, post to your email groups, put a link in your school newsletter or on your website, and pass it on.  And as always, if you see something that should be added or corrected, please let me know.

Thanks to all my readers!  Let’s take it to 100,000 or more!

Update at 8:15 pm, 12 hours later:  In 12 hours, we went from 10,000 hits to 10,373 , picked up 15 likes for 278, and 2 followers, making 38.   To the 195 “unique visitors” today, thanks for the boost.   This Montessori thing could really catch on!

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