AMI Going Global

ami logoThe Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) has a new website up: [edit:  Apparently it’s not meant to go live yet, so I’m taking down the link.  But I, and I guess a few others, got a sneak peek.] It’s the beautiful, modern, professionally produced, information-packed website the movement deserves.


Interestingly, For now the old website,, is still up.  I suppose that eventually the old site will redirect visitors to the new, but for now you can you will soon be able to compare the two to see just how far AMI has come into the digital age.  It’s all there on the new site: comprehensive, authoritative Montessori information, AMI’s global perspective, teacher training and training of trainers programs, publications, video, and much more.  Someone put a lot of time and trouble into this, and it shows.

2 responses to “AMI Going Global

  1. The AMI office ask that it not yet be shared. When it is ready it ready it will replace the present one:


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