2013-14 USA Montessori Census

It’s up!

Longtime TMO readers heard about it back in September and October 2012, and read about the collaboration with the Montessori Leadership Council announced at the International Congress this August.  Now the 2013-2014 USA Montessori Census is here.  Funded by the Trust for Learning , orchestrated by the Montessori Leaders Collaborative, and backed by the complete Moveable Alphabet of Montessori organizations (AMS, AMI-USA, IAPM, IMC, MEPI, MIA NAMTA, PAMS, TMF and MAA), this is an expansion of a National Center for Montessori in the Public Interest‘s census of public programs now inviting all USA Montessori schools to participate.

428 schools are already listed, which is great, but that’s only a tenth of the 4,000 reported U.S. schools, so go on, get your school on board.  Registration is quick and easy, and the census is just 30 quick questions, but the data gathered will be invaluable: full demographic information, administrator and teacher training and affiliation, funding model, pedagogical markers such as student choice and uninterrupted work periods, and this question, which challenges programs to take a stand on philosophy:

How would you describe the general style of your program? 

  • Our program adheres as closely as possible to Dr. Montessori’s original vision as described in her lectures and books.
  • Our program adheres closely to Dr. Montessori’s vision but incorporates concepts and activities that were not available in Dr. Montessori’s day.
  • Our program is a blend of Montessori practices and modern developmental educational principles.
  • Our program provides some Montessori materials for a portion of the day, and is more like traditional preschool or school the rest of the day.
  • Our program is inspired by Montessori’s work, but incorporates many additional components to meet the needs of our community and the children we serve.
  • Our program is not a fully-implemented Montessori program, but our work is based on general principles described by Dr. Montessori.

That’s pretty much the Montessori spectrum, end to end.

Right now the database is mostly public programs (I surmise that it was brought over from NCMPS’ previous project).  But it just hit the internet today, as far as I can tell, so if the state organizations can get the word out, it should take off.  And as always, watch this space.

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