$250 Million For Early Childhood

I hope that got your attention.

Public comments are open on $250 million in federal funding for early childhood education, but only until 5:00 pm this Wednesday, February 26th.  Let them know about a fantastic, developmentally appropriate, internationally recognized and proven early childhood education approach you might have heard of.  We talk a lot about making our voice heard—this is what it looks like.

You’ve probably heard of this because it’s been all over the Montessori networks this week: an email from the AMI/AMS Montessori Public Policy Committee (yes, there is such a thing!), picked up by the Montessori Administrator’s Association and the AMI Elementary Alumni Association, and of course all over Facebook.  But I first heard about in an email from Keith Whitescarver at the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector back on February 13th.  An email, I received, by the way, because I created an account with the 2013-14 USA Montessori Census, which you should definitely do here.

Keith mentions it again on his new blog at NCMPS, which everyone should read, follow, and share.

2 responses to “$250 Million For Early Childhood

  1. I left a comment on the DOE blog! Thanks for the heads-up.


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