Montessori on Facebook

Montessori has been blowing up a little bit on Facebook recently. Three groups I’m following:

AMI Montessori Teachers:

This group is for Montessori teachers of all levels, Assistants to Infancy, Primary, Elementary, Middle School who are AMI trained and passionate about their work. Let’s come together online and create a welcoming community to support one another in our work!!”

1,145 members. New posts every few days or so. Posts are typically at a fairly professional level: implementing second language immersion, AMI job opportunities, computer use, but the occasional question like “where do you get your forks?”

Montessori Teachers:

The Montessori Teachers group is an international discussion page and online social meeting space for professional Montessori educators. The purpose of this group is professional development; to encourage a deepening of our understanding of Montessori philosophy, and support each other in applying this to our daily practices.

3,429 members. An emphasis on professionalism and civil discourse. Multiple posts daily, often with dozens of comments. Recent intense conversations: Montessori-inspired: pro or con?, work journals and work plans, and, what are the essential elements of a Montessori material? This is a very active group.

Montessori 101:

Welcome to Montessori 101, the Facebook group for Montessori newbies! Whether you’re looking for Montessori in the home strategies, creating a Montessori-inspired home school classroom, or thinking about teaching in a classroom, this group will embrace your questions and thoughts with the respect and grace that Maria Montessori was known and loved for.

6790 (!) members. This is wide-open discussion of Montessori which welcomes newcomers and experienced teachers alike. Lots of questions and discussions about homeschooling and Montessori-inspired parenting.

Next up: Montessori on Pinterest.

7 responses to “Montessori on Facebook

  1. I applaud Andrea Lulka, current moderator of Montessori Teachers and Aubrey Hargis, moderator of Montessori 101. I so appreciate the feeling of inclusivity, as I am sure do others. You can question and think out-loud and out-of-the-box! Something in particular Aubrey wrote recently, “As long as we hold grace and courtesy as the mainstay of our group policy, we can take this group into a discussion about any topic we like and always pull it back into the heart of Montessori.” Thank you!


    • Thank-you, Sheryl! Very much appreciated.
      And thank-you, Montessori Observer, for validating the worth of these groups. It’s easy to look down on facebook, but the potential for community-building is immense.


  2. Being featured here among these dynamic groups on The Montessori Observer is an honor. And Sheryl, I am very touched as well by your sweet words of support for our efforts in Montessori 101. Facebook is proving to be an effective medium especially for parent education.


  3. These groups are wonderful for all trained guides as well as for families who want to do the best for their children. Following all three, the only frustration is to not always have enough time to participate in the great discussions.


  4. These have been wonderful groups to connect with like minded people from all over the world. It is also nice to have a group I can direct parents to when they are eager to do well and know more for their children.
    Keep up the great work!


  5. I second Sheryl! It’s an amazing spurt support.
    I can’t vouch for the others, they are for teachers, not mums.


  6. Thank-you, Montessori Observer, for recognizing the power of social media… it’s easy and quite fashionable to look down on facebook, but we see the potential there for creating supportive communities where they are hard to find. I know I speak for all the admin of the Teachers group when I thank you for validating our efforts.


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