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New York Times Discovers Play-Based Learning, Pretty Much Stops There

The New York Times Sunday Review has a bit of a drive-by take  (picked up by Diane Ravitch among others) on early childhood education that, I’m sorry to say, I’m going to have to send back for revisions if it’s … Continue reading

Montessori With Finnish Characteristics

Finland broke out on the education scene in 2010 after the controversial film Waiting for Superman (wiki) publicized that country’s surprising strength in international rankings with an education system founded on equity, serious teacher preparation, and a striking absence of … Continue reading

The Education Reform That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Columnist Thomas Friedman’s piece in the NYT Sunday Review today highlights “Harvard education specialist” Tony Wagner‘s  call for Montessori education in all but name.  Author, speaker, educator, and Harvard fellow Wagner cited Montessori in his 2012 book, Creating Innovators, excerpted … Continue reading