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The Montessori Observer is the work of David Ayer, an AMI Primary trained Montessori teacher, adolescent practitioner, advocate, program developer, writer, and administrator living in Portland, Oregon. David advocates for high-quality Montessori education in service of an ultimate goal: “More Montessori for More Children.”

4 responses to “About the author

  1. David, I recently posted on your blog re: the Atlantic post. I’m a big fan of Montessori strategies for early learning and also feel more children would benefit from this approach. We are certainly moving in the wrong direction in early childhood ed, and I see the results in clinic daily. I’d be happy to share posts with you if you are interested.


    • Montessori Observer

      Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s always interesting to hear the Montessori orthodoxy validated from an outside source–we can get to be a bit of an echo chamber. I looked at the posts you included elsewhere on this site. We’re definitely on the same page!

      (By the way, http://strongerfamily.wordpress.com/ comes through in your comment, but the blog doesn’t seem to have any content.)


  2. I’m an AMI montessori primary teacher in China. I visited this fascinating blog days ago and was so amazing for the shared contents. May I translate some of the contents into Chinese and let parents & teachers in China read?


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