The Montessori Observer

The Montessori Observer is a website devoted to providing accurate and up-to-date Montessori news and information.  It serves as a resource for Montessorians, researchers and reporters, families, the general public, and anyone interested in Montessori education.  The site links to material found elsewhere, by others, as well as generating original links and content.  The purpose is to give accurate and relevant Montessori information as wide a distribution as possible.

Establishing and maintaining a site such as this is a big undertaking, as anyone who has attempted such a thing will tell you.  Inevitably, errors and omissions will creep in.  I welcome constructive feedback by email or in the comments sections on posts and articles.  Feel free to link to this site wherever and whenever you like.  Please give credit to the original sources whenever possible.

3 responses to “The Montessori Observer

  1. You spelled maintaining wrong in your paragraph about errors on your about page.


    • The Montessori Observer

      Ouch! Thanks for the correction. Over a year it’s been up there and you are the first to catch it–what an eagle-eye.


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