Find a school

Parents looking for a Montessori school should be aware that the name ‘Montessori’ is not trademarked or copyrighted, so the name does not guarantee authentic Montessori or teacher training.  Parents can evaluate schools by asking about Montessori accreditation and the training of teachers.  Accreditation and teacher training from AMI and AMS are generally recognized as the most thorough and widely accepted. See Accreditation on this site for more details.

Several organizations offer school finder links on their websites:

AMI-USA has a School Locator for member AMI accredited schools in the United States.

The AMS Find A School link searches the directory of member schools in the United States, some of which are AMS accredited. offers Find a Montessori School, locating AMI accredited schools worldwide.

NAMTASchool-Directory of member schools in North America.

At Montessori ConnectionsInternational School Search  locates Montessori schools worldwide.


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