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“Montessori Charter Schools Thriving in Lakeland”

An article in The Ledger, a small daily in Polk County, Florida, ran a detailed article about two long-standing Montessori charter schools in Lakeland, Florida (Lakeland Montessori and Lakeland Montessori Middle School) moving towards AMS certification.  Not world news, but nice coverage of public Montessori in local media.

New Milwaukee Public Montessori School to Open in September

From the Milwaukee Public Schools website:

Howard Avenue Montessori is scheduled to open to 120 half-day 3- and 4-year-olds in September. … The school was created as a response to strong demand and demonstrated success among MPS Montessori Schools.

Milwaukee Public Schools already includes seven Montessori programs as well as a charter school (Downtown Montessori Academy), making this number eight.  According to an article in the Bay View Compass, the new program was fast-tracked by the Superintendent of schools after an unexpected vacancy in a school building.  More on Milwaukee Public Schools at this Wisconsin education blog.

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