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Montessori Outcomes

Like many of you this time of year, I recently had the opportunity to attend a Montessori graduation (or “Moving On Ceremony”, or whatever you call it).  These were 8th and 9th grade students reflecting on their time in Montessori school:

Montessori is something that I feel every child should get the opportunity to experience in their life because of the things you learn that the text books leave out.

One of the most important things I learned in all of my years here was responsibility, which requires the opportunity to do things independently.

We didn’t just learn lessons in school; we learned lessons far beyond the walls of the school.  The Montessori way made me want to learn and have fun doing it.

I think finding independence within yourself is the biggest step you can take towards finding true peace, because peace requires independence.

The more you invest in your community, the more you and other members of the community benefit. A true, functioning community hinges on the efforts of its people, and without that effort it will simply fall apart.

In my Montessori experience I have done a lot of things that can teach me a lot of what I know but also about who I am and what is my place in the world.

I know now that it is up to me to make full use of my ability — and to take the initiative instead of waiting.  To me this is a large part of what it means to be in a Montessori school.

This is exactly the thing I love about Montessori education: that everybody pushes you and encourages you to do new things, and then people offer you support so you can do that thing successfully.

But being good doesn’t change the world.  Only the people who care enough to actually do something are able to change the world.

These experiences make me grow like a person and give me the things that I need to make my lfe and be happy in what I want to do in it.  And why not make others happy to put some of these experiences in everything that I am going to do in my life.

This place has given me so much knowledge as well as the questions I must pose to myself and the world.

I am what I make of myself and I have chosen to make myself of these qualities: open-mindedness, equality, honesty, and will power.  With these qualities I hope to shape myself into a man who will change the world for the better.

Fourteen and fifteen years old , these young men and women.  This is for anyone who asks, “so what will my child get out of a Montessori education?”