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AMI Summit USA


The AMI Summit USA, held on November 10-12, was an intense and dynamic gathering of more than 150 passionate Montessorians focused on envisioning the future of AMI Montessori in the United States.  Representatives from AMI itself and from the four U.S. Affiliates (AMI-USA, NAMTA, MAA, and EAA), AMI Trainers, teachers, administrators, alumni, and parents took part in a sometimes contentious but in the end inspiring group process to confront organizational and mission issues within the U.S. AMI community and movement, and to begin concrete plans for the future.  The work of the Summit continues with the AMI Summit Stewardship Council, a group formed by open invitation at the close of the event.  The Stewardship Council recently held its first meeting by conference call with more than 40 participants, and expects to publicize its work as widely as possible as it moves forward.