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Hello, everybody!

world mapThank you to all 459 unique visitors yesterday!  We’ve had hits from 37 countries and every inhabited continent.  Many from the U.S., of course, but 50 from Canada, 35 from Australia, 20 from the U.K., 20 from Laos, 17 from Mexico, and on down the line.

Thanks also for the feedback and corrections—I’ve already updated a few pages.  Your input helps make the site a better resource for all of us.  More news and information to come.

Several people asked about the photo at the top of the page—what materials are those?  Why are they so jumbled and worn looking?  The image is from an exhibit last year at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York (posted here).  I thought it was an interesting take on what we usually expect from the Montessori materials—a reminder of their history and context.