Montessori Worldwide

Montessori education began in Rome in 1906, but quickly spread around the world.  Today Montessori is an international phenomenon, with schools and national organizations on six continents.  AMI is an international organization with affiliates in 20 affiliates in 15 countries. International highlights include:

Australia: Montessori in Australia has undergone a reinvigoration and transformation in recent years, as a formerly divided movement has found a new unity and strength of purpose.  The Montessori Australia Foundation (MAF) lists more than 200 schools and child care centers, and has established a 2067 goal of education 15% of Australian children.  The MAF has achieved official recognition for a Montessori National Curriculum from the Australian Curriculum, Assessment, and Reporting Authority.  Australia’s Montessori Children’s Foundation, among other activities, supports Montessori programs in indigenous communities in  Cape York, the Torres Strait, Redfern, Woorabinda and Yalata.

Educateurs sans Frontières (EsF): Educateurs sans Frontières is a division of AMI which supports education projects around the world based on Montessori principles.  EsF currently supports projects in Kenya, Thailand, Australia, Haiti, and the United States.

Montessori Around the World: Montessori Around the World is a website which gathers information and solicits contributions for Montessori programs around the world serving children and families with very limited resources.  The site lists programs in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Thailand, Bhutan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Australia, Romania, the United States, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Argentina.

2 responses to “Montessori Worldwide

  1. Dear Montessori Observer, could you please let me know the email address to send information on Montessori in India? There is a lot happening with a big group of AMI and India trained Montessorians especially for underprivileged chidren that we could send you information on.
    Thanks and regards
    Vidya Shankar
    Trustee, Shriram Foundation
    Trustee, Relief Foundation


    • Montessori Observer


      Go to the “About TMO” menu and click on “Contact TMO”. I look forward to hearing from you.


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