Facts and Figures

Precise and accurate facts and figures are difficult to determine, as Montessori schools operate as independent entities or as members of a patchwork of organizations.  The following numbers are estimates; sources and assumptions are given below.

Montessori education:

                                                                                                 U.S.                   worldwide

schools                                                                        4,000-5000                            22,000

children 6 and under                                    120,000 to 150,000                        700,000

children 6 and older                                                         35,000                         100,000

Education in the United States (for comparison)                                                              


public                                                                           99,000 (including high schools)


pre-K (3-5 years old)                                            8,250,000
pre-K through 8th grade:
        public                                                               37,440,000
        private                                                             4,220,000

total pre-K through 8                                  41,660,000

Sources: AMI, NAMTA, AMS, MontessoriScout, and the NCES.  School size was estimated at 30 6-and-under students per school, and 50 6-and-older students per elementary program.  Elementary enrollment is based on a very rough guess of 700 elementary programs.  Several surveys which are currently underway should provide better numbers in the coming year or so.

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