Historical Documents: The Beinn Bhreagh Recorder

American inventor and engineer Alexander Graham Bell gave the name Beinn Bhreagh to his family estate and laboratory in Novia Scotia, where he conducted numerous experiments and hosted intellectual gatherings. In 1912, he and his wife Mabel Hubbard Bell established a Montessori classroom at the estate under the direction of Roberta Fletcher, one of the first Americans to take Montessori teacher training.

Observations and notes documenting the classroom and the growth of the Montessori movement were recorded in The Benin Bhreagh Recorder,  a typed record of experiments and meetings at the estate.  The Montessori Society of Canada, working with Cape Breton University and the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site of Canada, has made scans of these records available on its website, and they are catalogued and linked here.


July 20 X, 341-343 The Children’s Laboratory Mabel Bell
October 12 XI, 244-251 Conferences on the Education & Management of Children unsigned
October 23 XI, 289-312 Conferences on the Education & Management of Children unsigned


July 25-31 XIII, 207-263 Mrs. Bell and the Montessori Movement unsigned
September 8 XIII, 452-454 Montessori Schools (New York Times reprint)


January 9 XIV, 428-429 Dr. Montessori’s Visit to America unsigned
February 27 XV, 144-145 Freedom For The Child (The Organ of the MEA)  unsigned
March 13 XV, 305-306 The Montessori Educational Association  unsigned


June 2 XVIII, 41-56 Montessori Principles of Auto-Development Alexander Graham Bell

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