Montessori Videos

There is an enormous amount of Montessori video on the internet, with a variety of purposes and perspectives, and a wide range of accuracy and production values. Publicly available video falls into several categories, roughly in order of prevalence:

  • Montessori lessons and lectures from commercial sources such as online or video training courses, posted officially or otherwise.
  • Adults talking about Montessori, from various perspectives, with or without video of children.
  • Promotional, informational, or event videos for particular schools.
  • Montessori “peek inside” videos, with video of children in actual classrooms.
  • Montessori in the home videos.

Accurate representations of high quality Montessori with high production values can be hard to find in the tens of thousands of clips available online. Some selections are organized into galleries here.

Montessori “Peek Inside” Video Gallery: Video from Montessori classrooms, without voiceover explanation.

Montessori School Video Gallery: School videos that represent Montessori well.

“About Montessori” Video Gallery: Teachers, experts, and advocates talk about Montessori.

Montessori Children’s House Video Gallery: Practical life, sensorial, language, math, and other activities.

Montessori Concepts Video Gallery: Concentration, collaboration, and more.

NCMPS Video Gallery: Informational videos from the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector.

Baan Dek Vimeo CollectionA link to Baan Dek Montessori’s video channel, the source of many clips on this site.

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