“About Montessori” Video Gallery

Teachers, trainers, experts, and advocates talk about Montessori

Enlarge YouTube videos in a separate window by clicking “watch on YouTube”. Enlarge Vimeo videos by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner.

Full trailer for the Building the Pink Tower documentary (5:34)

Google founders speak about Montessori (1:28)

Montessori overview with voiceover (5:04)

Pediatric neurospychologist and Montessori advocate Dr. Stephen Hughes’ Good at Doing Things talk—his complete Vimeo collection of one to two hour talks here (1:30:26)

Dr. Hughes talks Montessori on South Carolina’s SCETV Connections (30:03)

Montessori Madman Trevor Eissler’s Montessori Madness video (5:43)

An excerpt from the AMI documentary Montessori—Her Life and Legacy (3:49)

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