Montessori Children’s House Video Gallery

Children working in the areas of the Montessori Children’s House (from the The Baan Dek Montessori Vimeo collection).

Enlarge YouTube videos in a separate window by clicking “watch on YouTube”.  Enlarge Vimeo videos by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner.

Practical Life

Buckle Frame (0:48)

Scrubbing Boots (0:43)

Emptying a Basin (0:21)

Pouring Water (0:22)

Polishing Brass (0:49)

Washing Dishes (0:44)


Cylinder Block (1:02)

Color Tablets Box 3 (0:32)

World Map (1:30)

Trinomial Cube (1:40)

Pink Tower and Brown Stair (1:04)

Cylinder Block (0:34)


Number Rods (0:56)

Subtraction Strip Board (0:32)

Number Rods (1:24)


Sandpaper Phonograms (blends) (0:35)

Reading (1:19)

Metal Inset (1:24)


Painting (0:35)

Pasting (0:34)

Painting (1:02)

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